71 – River – Nancy Boy

Lelutka did it again, with a whole new head that will be available the 9th September at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event , dedicated to petite chest. I must admit this one made me out of my comfort zone because of this non binary features, but honestly i had fun playing with it and knowing that it’s boundless you can play with it easily and River is very versatile since you can use it as female but as a male as well. My only recommandation would be try a demo and play with it 😀

Beside that, i had the luck to get the Legacy Perky as a gift by my sis Eve (I love you and thanks again <3). Of course the petite chest option is a perfect match with the beautiful River. I was really surprise by this body cus it really gives a more natural look to the breast than the classic body, even if you have bigger boobs. So yay, i’m in love with this body much more than i expected.

Enough talk for today, have a nice week and of course, Happy Shopping 😀

Mesh head : River 2.0 by Lelutka @the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event  – New –  ❤ (coming the 9th September)

Skin & Makeup : Taylor– Nature tone – by Clef de Peau

Face Piercing : 3rd Eye bridge – Included with River Head – Lelutka  ❤

Piercing : Bento Lip Piercing by Conviction 

Ears : Gauged ears by Swallow   ❤

Hairbase : Lelutka – Male Hairbase 001 – Brown – Included with River Head – Lelutka  

Top : Yumi top – Legacy Perky – by Lunar

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