Skin Fair Review #2 – Lelutka EVO X

And we continue today with new goodies that will be availble at the Skin Fair! As you might know, there will be some new Lelutka’s heads. Sadly i dont have time to make a deep review today because RL got me but I will make a long post to show you and explain you what’s new in details with this new line, that is more an extension of the current Evolution Heads. I invite you to read the FAQ , it will bring you a lot of informations.

I will just tell you the ears, face piercing, and ears piercing i’m wearing comes with the new heads, and it’s way too cute to not play with it 😀 You will find some bom textures and can make them match your skintone with the help of the tint hud available in the HD Section of your Lelutka’s head hud.

I’m using a beautiful Deetalez skin that will be available at the event too and that fits perfectly with the new Lelu’s head, just be careful to click the Classic button on the head interface hud to make sure it applies correctly.

Enjoy all this new goodies and happy shopping !

Mesh head : Avalon – Personal Shape – 3.0  Lelutka  @Skin Fair 2021 – New –  ❤ (opens the 12th at Noon)

Skin , Eyelids, Eyeliners : Anais – Mixtetyped tone – Bom – by Deetalez  @Skin Fair 2021 – New –  ❤ (opens the 12th at Noon)

Freckles : MakesUp for Lelutka – Freckles – BOM – by Deetalez 

Hair : J1114 by Tram

Tattoo : Nova Tattoo – BOM – by Dawn 

Pose : Elegance Bento Pose Pack #3 by Go&See

Here are the different tones you can find for Anais Skin by Deetalez. Raw shot, using Nam Optimal Skin 1 windlight/

Celtic, Nordic , and European

MixedType, Eastern, and Mediterra

And to close this post , the full Nova tattoo by Dawn

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