Skin Fair Review #3

It’s finally the Skin Fair opening day ! Today I’m gonna show you another very cute elf look, with the beautiful Avalon by Lelutka and one of my favorite brand’s skin ever, Go&See but i guess you already noticed i’m a big fan of it 😀

As usual I will give you the credits of my main pictures and then the different skintones avalaible at the event.

I hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping !

Mesh head : Avalon – Personal Shape – 3.0  Lelutka  @Skin Fair 2021 – New –  ❤  (opens the 12th at Noon)

Skin: Mishka – NudeBOM  – by Go&See @Skin Fair 2021 – New – (opens the 12th at Noon)

Freckles : Eryn Freckles 8 – BOM – by Jack Spoon @Skin Fair 2021New(opens the 12th at Noon)

Eyes : Sovereign by Gloom @Skin Fair 2021New (opens the 12th at Noon)

Hair : Silent hairstyle by Doux @Equal10 – New –

Bra : Joss bra  – Legacy Perky – Lunar ❤

Tattoo : Yuni – BOM – by Endless Pain Tattoo – @Skin Fair 2021New – ❤

And to finish, the different skintones available, RAW Shots , using nam beach windlight.

Morbid, Fairy, Pure

Satin, Nude, Buff

Nutmeg, Fawn, Almond

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