Skin Fair Review #4

Back to the Skin Fair after a short break. Today i’m gonna show you another head from the new Lelutka Line, Evolution X with a beautiful Glam Affair skin. Since the body skins were updated, it’s the perfect occasion to show you all the new tones.

A special thanks to Aida Ewing for sharing all those new goodies ❤

This skin works only with the Evo X setup, so dont forget to click on it when you put the bom layer on or the skin won’t apply. Don’t hesitate to check the FAQ too, you will find a lot of answers in it about this new line !

I’ve done a little video to showcase how to use and tint the new elf ears that comes with the head too. Take a look at it if you got some questions about it !

Hope you will enjoy it and happy shopping ! 😀

Mesh head : Ceylon – Personal Shape – 3.0  Lelutka  @Skin Fair 2021 – New –  ❤

Skin : Tera – Lelutka EVO X – BOM – Sand Tone – by Glam Affair @Skin Fair 2021New – ❤

Eyes : Inviting Eyes Cool – BOM – by Cazimi @Skin Fair 2021 New – ❤

Ears : Gauged ears by Swallow 

Hair : Summer day hairstyle by Doux 

Headpiece : Julia Single Rose by Lode

Flower props : Eucalyptus & Rose White by Lode

And here we go for the new skintones, raw shot with Nam Optimal prim & Skin windlight. This only the skintones available for Tera Skin :

Sand , is the skintone showcased in my main pic :

Beige, Honey & Caramel :

Almond, Mocha and Cocoa :

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