221 – Fleur 3.1 – Lelutka Evolution X

As I told you yesterday Evolution Classic heads have now been updated to 3.1. For now, the first updates are for Fleur, Ryn and Lilly but don’t worry, others heads are coming soon.

Here are the news features that comes with this update :

  • You can now find EVO and EVO X toggle buttons across all heads
  • Option to blend or mask lashes has now been updated.
  • Save slots have been removed for Eye Socket, Lashes, HD Brows, HD Eyelids, and HD Lips as we now have a Style HUD.
  • There’s now a total of 18 eyes, an additional 6 have been added
  • There’s now a total of 6 eyebrows, an additional 2 have been added.
  • There’s now a total of 8 eye shadows, an additional 2 have been added.
  • Alpha Mode has been added to the lip area, when you use the Mask option, you will be able to manipulate how much of your lipstick will show.
  • Layer Materials (None) HD Complex has been added under settings, includes HD Brows, 2 HD eye shadow layers, Lashes, Eye Sockets and HD lips- Clicking these buttons will remove materials from matching layers, removing materials will eliminate Hair/Head alpha interaction (if hair has materials enabled), leaving your Head layers, alpha clipping free. This means the glossiness of any of these layers will be removed
  • Scripts have been polished to reduce lag and make the hud and heads operate smoother and respond faster.
  • How to update? You could do so from the update hud, which is included with all heads, or you could visit the store and get a redelivery of your head(s)
  • And a last but not the least interesting thing , you got the cute elfe ears too ! I will show you the vidz i ve done about tinting and using them !

I hope all those informations will be helpful and you will enjoy those updates as much as i do !

Mesh head : Fleur 3.1 – Personal Shape – by Lelutka

SkinEyeliner & Freckles : Summer – Mixtetyped tone – Bom – Lelutka Evo X – by Deetalez  – New – ❤

Face Piercing : Fleur 3.1 Piercing by  Lelutka   ❤

Piercing : Bento Lip Piercing by Conviction

Hair : Morgana  by Monso

Headpiece : Coco  by Tentacio @Fameshed X  New – 

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